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"People can forget an event, but they never forget an experience" 


Samuel Jean-Phillipe better known as DJ Sam has established himself as a premier master of mixing that keeps people on the dance floor moving to the beats of Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Top 40.


With a solid reputation as a DJ, he has worked with nightclubs and produced events throughout the state. DJ Sam's latest projects consist of R&B Wednesday, Silent Headphone Events, and SJP Sounds (Sound Rental). With such grand background music is his life. Under the influences of DJ Uncle Al, DJ Irie, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kid Capri, and many other influential DJs is where his brand of DJing developed.

DJ Sam has been DJing for 17 years and has traveled to many different cities and states doing college tours and other monthly events. When we asked DJ Sam What does he enjoy most about DJing he stated “The best part is the customer's experience after doing an event for them, People can forget an event, but they never forget an experience."

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